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TMM College & School of Nursing Hostel

Hostel is situated in a very cool & serene area within the campus, walking distance from college. Two to three students are accommodated in a room with necessary amenities. There are three Wardens who with their motherly yet stern actions help the students to lead a well-disciplined life. The wardens are also the source of spiritual encouragement.

Caterers are appointed who prepare food in the College kitchen and meals are served in the dining area which is located in the ground floor of the hostel. There are four meals per day being breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. The menu is decided in the meeting having SNA (Student Nursing Association) representatives, SNA teaching faculty leads, Principal, Administrator and the caterer. Every three months a review is done.

Students have facilities for recreation, strict study hours, batch wise prayers &other spiritual activities. The management lays special emphasis on the cleanliness and hygiene of Hostel. STP (Sewerage treatment Plant), Biogas plant and Incinerator provides for meeting environmental regulations.

Mobile usage: Currently as per the discussion and agreement reached in the parent teacher association (PTA) meeting held periodically, mobiles are not allowed to be kept by the students. The wardens facilitate students to call their parents on designated days and on designated time unless urgency warrants.

TMM Hostel is a ragging free campus. Principal, Administrator and Board of Management are fully authorized to change the Rules and Regulations of the Hostel atany time without prior notice.

TMM Nursing hostal