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TMM College of Nursing Library

About the library

TMM College of Nursing library has been considered as soul of advanced learning. It covers about 3000 sq. ft. of the total area. The role has been to provide access to the relevant information to the members of the academic community for the successful procurement of academic programs. Library collections are evaluated continuously against standard bibliographies and against records of their use to add collections. The library is fully automated and has a comprehensive and well-rounded collection of about 4800 books shelved using Dewey Decimal Classification, both national and internationaljournals in print and online version, magazines, newspapers and other reading materials. They are kept in different sections on the basis of their categorization. A good collection of students’ research works is also maintained. The back volumes of the journals are bound and kept separately for ready reference.


  1. To assist the teaching schedule of the college;
  2. To make available reading material for independent study and research;
  3. To support the students to make them more cognizant.
  4. To support the objectives, mission and vision of the college

The Library provides:

  1. Book lending service to students and teachers by using Grandhalibrary software
  2. Access to e-journals with the help of user ID and password.
  3. Latest collection of text books, course related materials and journals;
  4. Text and standard reference books to the students, necessary to prepare for their examinations.
  5. Relevant literature and information on the subject to support the teaching staff in the pursuit of higher studies and research.
  6. User-orientation training to new enrolled to make them feel at home and to acquaint them with the library system so that they could make maximum use of library services.
  7. Internet & Photocopying facilities
  8. Helping reading environment for students and faculty with a good ambience; and
  9. Preservation of documents for future use.