➡️ Spiritual Direction

The institution believes that at the heart of all its medical and nursing care, it has a vital and harmonious relationship with God, so that spiritual health forms a unit with physical and mental health. Our institution has a good zealous spiritual team and are well devoted spiritually and is involved in daily prayer and special prayer meetings.

Daily morning prayer with students are carried out in the hostel and at college. The faculty holds special prayer gatherings in the afternoon. Every Sunday evening chapel service has been arranged. ENFI meetings has been arranged for MSc, B.Sc. & GNM batches in our institution regularly. Youth meets, retreat, EU gatherings are arranged to refresh and relax the students spiritually.

On Sunday, those students who are not from the Christian Brethren Community are allowed to be taken by the parents to their church for worship meeting. The students have to be brought back to the college in the time specified in the undertaking signed by the parents. Violators to the rule would be warned and actions taken including curbing such privileges.