➡️ GNM Admission Process

1. Total intake per year is 20 Students
2. Criteria:

  • Min 40% marks
  • Preference to science group
  • Other groups are considered also if sufficient science group candidates not available
  • If students are from other states, equivalency certificate should be produced

3. Admission:

  • Panel interview with KNMC council nominee, One Board Member, Principal, Administrator & School of Nursing vice Principal

4. Special consideration:

  • SC/ST: 10%*20 Seats = 2 Candidates. Candidate should apply for e-grant.
  • OEC: No recommendation from government for the number/percentage intake. If there is a candidate college should admit this person. This candidate can also apply for e-grants.

Note: 2020-2021 batch is the last intake for GNM